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The Libra and Money

It should come as no surprise that the Scales like things to be in balance -- the checkbook, their lives. Librans revel in beauty and harmony and are often striving for perfection. This quest can lead to bouts of indecision, for although Librans love to please, they hate to make the wrong choice! Ever the conciliator (Librans are often diplomats), the Scales prefer to achieve a happy medium, whatever the 'price.' These folks are at their best with a partner, ideally someone who can keep them from swinging wildly in either direction and help them achieve their goals.

Librans thoroughly appreciate money and what it can buy: the best that life has to offer. Fortunately, there is usually enough cash around to keep the Scales in the style to which they've become accustomed. It's comfort and luxury which the Scales crave, and they also feel it's their divine right! No need to eat hamburger when you can dine on filet mignon. The Scales also like to be romanced, so prospective partners are well advised to keep that platinum card handy.

Making the financial decisions is something that the Scales would rather not do as they consider it a bit tedious. Those born under this Sign are attractive and charismatic, and as a result, are accustomed to having things come to them rather easily. This could make for a poor work ethic, but then Librans would rather work at creating a beautiful world for those around them!

The Scales will pay the bills on time in one of two ways: by sheer luck or with the aid of a responsible partner. Face it, it's much more fun to be at the symphony! Short on cash? A Libran will charm a pal into a loan. They won't hesitate to make a loan, either, as long as it's to a good risk. If it's their partner that needs the dough, though, they'd part with their last dime.

It's not uncommon for Librans to blow the bank on one exceptional item, be it a work of art or a jaunt on the Concorde. If they choose to do so, however, they will have saved up for the splurge since life is perfect when that bankbook is in balance!

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