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Top 10 Must Haves For Teenagers

by Samantha Gannaway

Motorola Razr Cell Phone It's no surprise that the new Ultimate Media Motorola Razr has quickly become this year's most wanted item for teenagers of all ages. The sleek, fashionable and lightweight Vcast phone comes in a variety of colors. Satisfying every desire it includes the ability to listen to music, connect to the internet, instant messenger, VZ navigator, 1.3 megapixel camera, long lasting lithium-ion battery and so much more. Starting as low as $69.99 it's a must have item for the new school year.

Video Ipod The Apple creators of the newest ipod have surpassed every expectation. Not only is it 45% slimmer than the original, but it can hold up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos and 150 hours of video. With its 2.5 inch color screen it's no shock that this ipod is becoming a must have item for all teenagers. Perfect for free periods in school and/or long trips making every boring moment entertaining. What more could a teenager want from an Mp3 player? Starting as low as $299.00 including free shipping and engraving!

Vaio Laptop  Sony has created the ultimate computer for school and home: the new Vaio VGN-UX180. The full functioning and lightweight micro PC computer not only includes Microsoft XP, wireless internet connection, and music; but your teenager also will have the ability to take pictures, watch video and even have video chats. You can even purchase the LocationFree Player Pak, which allows you to stream TV programs and videos. Starting as low as 1,799.99 it's a must have back to school item for any teenager.

Franklin Homework Helper  Franklin has created the perfect item for all students--electronic homework helpers. Not only are they small and lightweight, but there also is a variety to choice from including: English dictionary, SAT test preparation, language translator and much more. No matter what your teenager's need is you will find it here! Starting as low as $24.95 it's a definite top ten item for any student.

Electronic Organizer  Tired of your teenager constantly forgetting important doctor appointments or test dates? Sharp has finally come up with the answer: an electronic organizer. Choose from a variety of different organizers. Each one comes with Microsoft outlook, English/Spanish translator, calculator, telephone directory and much more! It's the perfect item for all teenagers, helping them become or stay organized.

Radio Watch  What could be better than the FM Radio Watch? It's no surprise that the fashionable, durable and moisture proof rubber watch has become a favorite among teenagers. Perfect for free period in school and/or exercising, your teenager will love the radio watch.

Portable Playstation  What could any teenager want more than the portable Playstation? Teenagers love the incredible graphics and game selection, which includes top sellers like: NCAA Football 07 and World Tour Soccer 06! The wide screen LCD playstation also includes music downloads, video, internet, and photos!

iSoother  A favorite among teenagers at home is the iSoother ZipConnect speaker from Sharper Image. Your teenager will love its many features including: AM/FM radio, talking alarm clock, radio alarm clock, sound soother and much more! They can even plug in their ipod/Mp3 player or play their favorite CD! It's no surprise the iSoother is on every teenager's wish list.

Digital Camera  The ultra-thin Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T5 camera is a must-have item. At a party or in school it's perfect for your teenager to capture moments that will never be forgotten. Available in four different colors suiting every personality. It's no wonder this camera is a favorite among teenagers.

Backpacks  Need a backpack for your laptop, skateboard and/or just for books? Look no further--this web site is perfect for you. With a huge selection of lightwieght backpacks to choose from, I am certain you will find the perfect one. Starting as low as $20.

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