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The Capricorn and Money

The Goat is oh-so-careful where money is concerned. Disciplined and focused Capricorns love routine and actually enjoy the hard work involved in achieving financial success. It's the Goat's lot in life to slowly and steadily climb up the mountain, pausing every now and again for a gulp of fresh air and then continuing, ever higher. Capricorns expect things to be tough since they tend toward pessimism. In the end, however, it's exactly what will spur them on, because they do want to get to the top of that mountain in the worst way. Being acknowledged is what the Goat wants most, and if that can happen with a bulging wallet in hand, all the better!

Capricorns are among the shrewdest people at making and keeping money -- these are the true money mavens of the Zodiac. Money gives these folks a feeling of strength and accomplishment and a delicious sense that they have arrived. Having money also means that Capricorns will be able to stay in the game, which is what these hard-working souls want, along with the ability to make even more money. Goats work steadily and methodically toward financial success and generally won't relax until there's plenty of cash on hand.

It's not likely that Caps will jump into get-rich-quick schemes since Caution is their middle name. The Goat also needs to have a nest egg set aside for a rainy day, thanks to that lingering sense of gloom. Goats aren't exactly cheap, but they're not lavish, either. You can bet a Goat will know when filet is on sale and only then will it be the evening's meal.

Managing money comes so easily to Capricorn that they could, if they chose, keep accounts in their head! Knowing the score as well as they do, Caps hate to borrow -- or to lend. They also like pulling the family purse strings, so straight-jacketed family members might have to revolt. A Goat combing the sale racks? Never. These folks only shop when necessary and prefer to pay cash.

Once they set their mind to making money, no one will work harder than Capricorns toward that end. And they'll probably make it to the top!

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